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Office 365 with Outlook - Share own mailbox

This manual is meant for Outlook client users.
This manual explains how to share your mailbox with your colleagues.


To complete this manual, you will need:

  • A computer connected to the internet
  • The Outlook client


Open properties
  • Open Outlook
  • Rightclick Inbox
  • Click Properties
Open properties
Open settings
  • Select tab Permissions
  • Click Add, this will open a new screen
Open settings
Add your colleagues
  • Search the colleague you want to give permissions on your mailbox
  • Click Add
  • Click OK
Add your colleagues
Set the permissions
  • Choose what Permission Level you want to give your colleague
  • Click Apply when you are satisfied with the set permissions
  • Click Remove if you want to stop your colleague from having permissions on your mailbox
Set the permissions