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ActiveSync on mobile - Windows mobile

This manual is for older systems and/or software and is no longer maintained.

This manual is meant for 1A-server users. It explains how you can configure your mobile to synchronize with Zarafa on your 1A-server.


To complete this manual, you will need:

  • The name of your 1A-server
  • Your username and password
  • A Windows Mobile device connected to internet


Setup ActiveSync
  • Go to ''ActiveSync
  • Press Set your device to sync with it
Setup ActiveSync
Setup account (1)
  • At Server address enter the name of your 1A-server.
    For example: "company.nl.alt001.com"
  • Check This server requires an encrypted (SSL) connection
  • Press Next
Setup account (1)
Setup account (2)
  • Enter your User name
  • Enter your Password
  • At Domain enter a word you can easily recognize, like "company"
  • Press Next
Setup account (2)
Setup account (3)
  • Choose what you want to synchronize
  • If so desired, refine your configuration with Settings
  • Press Finish
Setup account (3)
Change synchronization frequency
  • Go to MenuSchedule
  • Configure how often the device should synchronize