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Backup (Online Backup) - Backup

Online Backup is a subscription service offered by 1A First Alternative with which you can backup your valuable files safely to an external location. At set times the files will be sent to a backup server automatically, where they are compressed, encrypted and stored. If disaster strikes your server, your data remains safe.

Online Backup is not just for calamities. You can also restore older versions of a file or folder from the retention area with the 1A-manager. This makes Online Backup an archive as well. Only the changes are stored; files that don't change will not take up extra space. The more often your files change, the more space the backup will cost.

For example: if you have a retention of 90 days, you can restore previous versions up to 90 days ago.

This manual describes how to create and manage backup tasks.

Other backup solutions on the 1A-server are Tape and Rsnapshot.


Configuring Online Backup
  • This is done by 1A First Alternative. If you are interested in Online Backup, or would like to alter your settings, please contact your 1A-partner.
    During the application, you indicate which folders should be backed up, how much disk space you want for the online backup service, how long you want to retain files and the size of the retention area.
    You can always request changes to these settings. Extra disk space can be used to backup more files, backup more frequently and/or retain more previous versions.