1A First Alternative


With the module shares in the 1A-manager you can easily create, modify and remove shares.

A share is a network drive. Multiple people can access files and folders there, readonly or read and write.


To complete this manual, you will need:

  • A computer connected to your 1A-server
  • A browser, for example Internet Explorer or Firefox
  • A username and password for the 1A-manager


Open the module shares
  • Go to essentialsshares
Create a share
  • Go to create new share
  • Enter the share name
  • Optionally, enter a description
  • Choose the volume where the share should be created
  • Optionally, choose a drive letter
  • Click add
Create a share
Modify a share
  • Click on the share you want to modify
  • If so desired, change the properties of the share
  • If so desired, change the group rights
  • If so desired, change the user rights
  • Click save
Modify a share
Remove a share
  • Make sure the share is empty
  • Click on the share you want to remove
  • Check delete share
  • Click delete
Remove a share