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Adding a printer - macOS 10.10 Yosemite

This manual is meant for 1A-server users. It explains how a printer can be added in MAC macOS Yosemite. You can only print a document if a printer has been added to your computer. In order to use the printer your computer must be added to the list of printer users in the 1A-manager, your network administrator can do this for you.
The 1A-server can help you to manage your printers. By connecting the printer to the 1A-server several computers can use the printer. The 1A-manager will allow precise control of which users are allowed to use a printer.
This manual explains how to add a network printer to your computer. The manual will then show you how to check whether you have succeeded. Then you should be able to print in the added printer.


To complete this manual, you will need:

  • The hostname of your 1A-server
  • Your username and password
  • User permissions on the printer
  • The printer driver. This can be found either on the cd that accompanies the printer or on the manufacturers website.


Open Printer & Fax
  • Open System Preferences
  • Click Printers & Scanners
Open Printer & Fax
Add printer
  • Click the plus sign (+) in the bottom left of the window
  • Select "Add Printer or Scanner..."
Add printer
Modify toolbar (1)
  • Right-click the toolbar next to the option Windows
  • Click Customize Toolbar
Modify toolbar (1)
Modify toolbar (2)
  • Drag the option Advanced to the toolbar
Modify toolbar (2)
Configure printer
  • Click Advanced
  • At Type select "Windows printer via spoolss"
  • At URL enter the URL to your printer in the format "smb://servername/printername"
  • Enter an appropriate Name
  • Enter a Location (optional)
  • At Print Using choose the correct driver for your printer
  • Click Add
Configure printer
Connnect printer
  • Your printer is now connected