1A First Alternative

Information about your 1A-server

This manual is meant for 1A-server users.
It explains how you can find important information about the 1A server. This information is often used in our manuals.


To complete this manual, you will need:

  • A webbrowser
  • The "server address" of your 1A-server. If your device is connected to your company network, you can use "1a-server".
  • Your username and password (only needed if your device is not connected to your company network)


Open the starting-page of your 1A-server
  • Go to http://1a-server
    Website-name "1a-server" is only available while you are connected with your office-network.
Open the starting-page of your 1A-server
Open the page "Server Info"
  • Click Server Info
  • If asked, log in
Open the page "Server Info"
The information
  • This page shows information for use on the internal network (LAN) and information for use from the internet.
    Tip: Note the Server address.
    You can also reach the starting-page of your 1A-server from the internet on this serveraddress
The information