1A First Alternative

Create contactlist

This manual is meant for 1A-server managers. It explains how you can make a contactlist based on the users on the 1A-server.
This list can be imported into Microsoft Outlook.


To complete this manual, you will need:


Go to essentialsusers
Export users
  • Go to import/export
  • Click export
Open the list in Calc
  • Open users_export.txt in Calc
  • Choose Tabulator for the separator
  • Click OK
Open the list in Calc
Edit the list
  • Delete the columns inlognaam, wachtwoord, adres, postcode, plaats and homepage
  • If desired, also delete the columns telefoon and/or mobiel
  • Delete the top row (column names)
  • Delete the unwanted address rows (like administrative acccounts)
Saving the file as a CSV file (1)
  • In the toolbar, click FileSave as
  • Enter a name
  • Choose file type Text CSV
  • Check Edit filter settings
  • Click Yes
Saving the file as a CSV file (1)
Saving the file as a CSV file (2)
  • Choose Western Europe (Windows-1252/WinLatin 1) for "Character set"
  • Enter a comma at "Field delimeter" → ,
  • Enter double quotes at "Text delimeter" → "
  • Click OK
Saving the file as a CSV file (2)