1A First Alternative


The module 'ftp' in the 1A-manager allows easy access to large files for external parties over the Internet, without having to give them a regular account on the 1A-server. This is done by way of "projects".

You can create multiple projects and under each project ftp users can be created. These are not 1A-accounts and they are only allowed access via FTP to the relevant ftp project. Each ftp user has a personal folder in the ftp project and only has access there, not to the entire ftp project.

When an ftp user requires access to the rest of the project, the ftp user needs to have the property "user is project admin". Ftp users by default are allowed to read and write. When someone only requires read access, the property "user has readonly access" should be set.

The FTP share can also be accessed as a regular share. You can assign permissions to the share in the usual way. This way local users can access files in the FTP project folders.


To complete this manual, you will need:

  • A computer connected to your 1A-server
  • A webbrowser
  • A username and password for the 1A-manager
  • The hostname of your 1A-server
  • The URL for FTP: ftps://<hostnaam>
    For example: ftps://domain.nl.alt001.com


Open the ftp module
  • Go to internetftp
Create ftp project
  • Enter the name of the project at project name
  • Enter a description at description
  • Click create
Create ftp project
Create ftp user
  • Enter a login name at loginname
  • Enter the full name at fullname
  • Enter a password at password
  • If the ftp user should only have permission to read, check user has readonly access
  • If the ftp user should have access to all files and folders in the project, check user is project admin
  • Click create
Create ftp user
Remove ftp user
  • Click on the ftp user
  • Click remove
    This user's folder and the files therein will not be removed, unless the folder is empty.
Remove ftp user
Remove ftp project
  • First remove al users from the project
  • Click on the ftp project
  • Click remove
Remove ftp project
Connecting with ftp
  • Download and install a ftp client which supports ftps, like FileZilla.
  • Enter 'ftps://' and the hostname at Host:. For example: ftps://domain.nl.alt001.com
  • Enther the Username: and Password: of the ftp user
  • Enter the value 990 at Port:
Connecting with ftp