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Add a certificate exception - Internet explorer

This manual is for older systems and/or software and is no longer maintained.

This manual is meant for 1A-server users. It explains how you can ignore certificate warnings in a browser. This warning will be shown when a website uses a certificate which is unknown to your computer.

Certificates are used by browsers to identify websites and to encrypt the communication to and from the website. If a certificate is not trusted, the encryption will not function.

Firefox offers the option to download a certificate and permanently add it as an accepted source. In Internet Explorer it is only possible to grant an exception to a website to a website on a per-session basis; the exception is not remembered.

If you want to add an exception for your 1A-server when it has a servername ending in nl.alt001.com, you can use the manual import 1A root certificate to permanently solve all warnings.

When adding exceptions it is paramount that you verify that the website is indeed the one you intended to visit.


To complete this manual, you will need:

  • A computer with Internet Explorer


Recognizing a certificate warning
  • When a screen like the one besides this step appears, it indicates the presence of a certificate issue
Recognizing a certificate warning
Ignoring a certificate warning
  • Click Continiue to this website (not recommended).
Working with a website containing a certificate warning
  • During your visit to the website the address bar will be coloured red
Working with a website containing a certificate warning