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Fax printer Sambafax - Windows XP

Microsoft has ceased security support for Windows XP on 8 April 2014. This means that PCs running Windows XP will no longer be safe to use.

Please contact your 1A partner to obtain a more recent operating system or a new PC.
This manual is for older systems and/or software and is no longer maintained.

This manual explains how to use your 1A-server to send and receive faxes through Sambafax. Your 1A-server is equipped with a HylaFAX fax server that can be accessed in two ways: through the server through Sambafax, or by installing a print monitor such as Winprint.
When you try to send a fax via Sambafax, your computer will send the fax via Samba to HylaFAX on your 1A-server. This will allow you to send faxes quickly and easily by including a fax number in your message.
To use Sambafax you do not need to install any software. You just need to add a network printer and your fax will work. This manual explains how to add a network printer and use it to send faxes.


To complete this manual, you will need:

  • A computer connected to your 1A-server
  • Your username and password
  • The name or IP address of your 1A-server


Open the browselist on the server (1)
  • Click the start button
  • Click Run
Open the browselist on the server (1)
Open the browselist on the server (2)
  • Enter \\yourservername\ (substitute "yourservername" with the name of your 1A server)
  • Click OK
Open the browselist on the server (2)
Install Sambafax
  • Right-click the printer SambaFax
  • Choose Connect...
  • Should you receive a security warning, click Yes
Install Sambafax
Sending a fax (1)
  • Open the document you want to send
  • Add the code phrase "Fax: <faxnumber>"
    (substitute <faxnumber> with the number of the recipient)
Sending a fax (1)
Sending a fax (2)
  • Print the document
Sending a fax (2)
Sending a fax (3)
  • Select the printer "SambaFax"
  • Click Print
  • Your document will be sent through your 1A-server. If you have an e-ail address connected to your account, you will receive an e-mail containing the status of your fax.
Sending a fax (3)